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October Luncheon

Date: October 14, 2014
Time: 11:00AM - 1:00PM
Location: KSU Center
Speaker: Rut Walker
Sponsor: Prestigious Cleaning Team

“Simplifying Advertising Strategy”

How to be effective in our complicated, highly fractionalized media world



Rutland Walker

Project Manager – Cox Media Group, Atlanta, GA

Adjunct Professor – The Academy of Marketing, Atlanta, GA


Everywhere you turn there’s advertising…We are bombarded with ads on Facebook, Google, TV, Radio, Billboards, Magazines, bus wraps, yard signs, etc.   To most of us, it is an annoyance…an inconvenience that we know we have to deal with because it pays for some of the things we like.  


But for those doing the advertising behind those messages, it’s very often life or death.  If you own your own business, investing in advertising is the difference between things like investing in your retirement fund, college savings accounts, or whatever it may be and doubling down on your business.  And it is really hard to know what works.  “Should I be doing Facebook, should it be billboards, TV, radio? What is the best return for my money in order to grow my business.”   

Join us as we demystify advertising in 2014, and give you a few simple takeaways that we will increase the effectiveness of your advertising no matter what you do. 

Mr. Walker is a veteran media marketing executive with 23 years of experience in major sports sponsorships, radio, TV, content marketing, search engine marketing, newsprint, and retail promotions.

He’s worked with some of most iconic properties in the southeast: The Atlanta Braves network, The Southeastern Conference, ISP Sports, IMG College, Georgia Bulldogs, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, News/Talk WSB, WSB TV, AJC.  He has also written, produced, and directed (and sometimes voiced) campaigns for national advertisers Farmers Insurance, Charter Communications, Rinnai USA, Lawyers.com, Plumber911, as well as local campaigns for Arrow Exterminators, Ackerman Security Systems, Delta Plumbing, Tara Fine Jewelry, Flash Electric, Panda Painting, and others.  He has also consulted with major brands like Verizon Wireless, AirTran Airways, Georgia Power, Comcast, Sherwin-Williams, AT&T, SERVPRO, Quaker State, CITGO, Publix, Corona, and LexisNexis.